Trap In A Choice -

Written by: Justin Bordner

You have stained stars in your eyes tonight,
a gold glitter asunder as vast as any Past
stuck fast on this moon light sight,
give me softly the sultry sigh of a woman's strong age,
I am not passing the page until the dire of dawn ushers me to the cage,
twinkles and sprinkles make for the tingles between you & I my Lady,
sparkles finite glow warm,
a silent swarm in thick air for our remote melody,
starvations lead to ovations from humbled hearts
searching blind for succulent cures
for a mad malady,
a kiss, calm as crystal and firm
like a promise pronounced proud
by a dreamy lover drives me happy,
My love, where are your  f---ing fangs & whispy wings,
clever you are,like fire on ice,
playing nice but in disguise
choosing random nights,
a fickle nightingale setting sail to numerous posts and ports,
swift as thunder with brief endearings,
vanishing like a whisk whisper
and laughing lovingly,sparingly spry,
the companionship provided is priceless
with a somber cost,
a Providential promiscuity true & dry,
your absence and unpredictability 
feeling cold as Aphrodite's icon
rough & rocky,
would Venus die, cry, or lie 
if asked ardently why
She consumes the blood of my heart,
pitfalls for passions, enticements for indictments of innocence,
woman this carnival shocks me silly,
never the less, the beauty of you is boundless,
consequence forever in a lingering fragrence,
like a confused comet
I volunteered my vitality for your invitation
to a sheltered rampart,
deny me what you will, charge me as much you can,
for I am enthralled
by this romance and Virtuoso's dance -

J.A.B.  2003