Written by: daver austin


A friend    young    like myself    declined
These concert tickets    and    here am I
U of Indiana’s Department of music’s pride and joy

I look about

These are not the movie crowd
No    there is expectation
Up    down    surround the hall
Mrs. Guldergreen would never wear her furs in darkened places
OH!    She will be seen!

Odd    though    the mixture –
Sport shoes
Dress shoes
Some with ties
No sport coat
No vest
The Guldergreens of past concert years would be simply astounded    nearly in tears
These days    (say some)    are    thankfully    different
To appearance    to senses    become indifferent

How    then    four    tuxedoed    proud men
Now appear
On stage
No mics
No woofers
No swinging hips
No four-letter words escape their lips

After a bow    a glance all around
The four    even now    sit down

The lights go down

OH!    dumb!
Where is the drumbeat?
Sounds that move the African tribes
No one’s raising arms on high
No earrings
Nose rings
No dancing around the aisles when the music begins

A strain    so soft
You    actually hear the tick of your own wristwatch
No equipment on stage    but
The air is electric
Nor a breath
Or sideways glance can break the spell
Surely    the walls    by grey-sickness stricken
Will crumble    and    fall

At last    the music swells
All the while we have sat like statues
Not knowing    or caring 
Where we’re at

A final chord
Music is done
Indiana’s Quartet now rises as one
Plaster people come to life
On their feet
I’ll be damned!
There’s hope after all