Microchip Madness

Written by: Keith Bickerstaffe

Technology is changing day by day, 
the benefits? enormous, one might say,
is miniaturization a price too high to pay?
not necessarily the smart and prudent way.
Gemstones aren't what they're purported to be,
take that cuff link, a microprocessor,
what used to take acres and acres of space
now resides on the top of his dresser.

Tie clips and navel rings, earrings with studs
contain microchips too small to see,
snapshots are routed to secret computers,
surveillance directed at you and at me. 
As fate would have it, I have diminished,
a 6 footer, now 2ft 4inches,
soon I'll be able to date a REAL bird
and cavort with the crows and the finches.

It must be my penance, I spoke out of turn
and maligned the creator, the hedonist, 
who pleasures the masses with tablets and iPods,
and removed me from his Merry Christmas list.
Small is as small does so I gravitate, 
and follow these micro-bit players,
I am so tiny, I'm so hard to see
as black widows become midget-slayers. 

Consigned to my basement I look for a way
to escape my arachnoid aggressors,
I squeeze through a slit in the mesh at my window
and plead, as with all good confessors.
Out in my garden I stare at the stars,
just a speck in the breadth of the universe,
I fall on my knees and I pray to the Lord,
could my destiny alter, and spin in reverse.