Pass it on

Written by: kerry singleton

 Say I'm a dreamer I live in a fantasy that is my own
 I dream of miracles and world peace 
 I live with no harm, all i have is love
 my friends are only a few 
 I like to wear boots scarfs, lace and velvet
 my hair is long and dark and my eyes ocean green
 I move with the season I cast magic when the moon is full
 I ask the universe only for kindness and love
 I believe in hope and faith and that I am my own god
 I'm a bit of a gypsy with a gentle soul
 journey's I take, I ask for nothing from no one
 and that you step lightly through my shadow and respect
 like I do you
 life can be rich and full you just have to believe
 when you do a good deed it will come back
 my wish is for all to open their arms and greet with a smile
 and most of all forgive
 we are all one we just need to understand
 my purpose is to write and pass it on to teach with the power of words
 together we can change the world
 I guess you could say my heart is a little wild and you 
 probably think I'm a little crazy, but that would be labeling and with labeling comes ego
 If you read this I ask for one thing, If you believe in
 life love forgiveness and most of all peace please keep passing it on...