The Town of Sintra, Portugal

Written by: Mohammad Yamin

The Town of Sintra, Portugal

A tourist attraction, a lovable town
With its twisting and turning roads and lanes
Gardens where Eucalyptus and fur have grown
A town that past glory maintains

The mountainous terrains like ups and downs of life
Apartments on top of hills piercing the skies
Serene, calm and free of hustle, bustle and strife
Each and every fruit tree blossoms and thrives

The Castle of Moors on the highest peak
Pronounces the modesty of Muslim kings
The Pena Palace’s adornments a language of glamour speak
The relics of monument bygone memory brings

Scratch the dust and see what lies beneath
Thousands of impressions of yesteryears
The traversing soldier’s with swords in sheath
And Poet Byron’s1  foot-prints as the dust clears

Debonair nobility in Sintra resides
Decency and charm are the wares he sells
For guests red carpet of generosity provides
His life in harmony of nature excels

The Pera Roche of Sintra, the peaches so sweet
The bakeries and bolos with tastes profound
Its pottery and tiles no one can beat
A paradise on earth that people have found
1. Lord Byron wrote many of his poems sitting in the gardens of Sintra