A Year of Waiting

Written by: John Monteblanco

Guy:   Tell me, how have you been?
          Are you okay?
          I've stood here waiting for too long.
          It's been a year of downs, but I always looked at the stars because they reminded     me of you.
How can I go out knowing you're still breathing real air?

Woman:    It's been a while dear, I'd say a day. Twenty-four hours without saying your name.
          I won't admit, how much I hated leaving you alone or that I expected to hear news  of a burnt house.
I got your letter...no way it's been a year!
I can't even...see...California?

Guy:     It's been over a year now.
            375 days to be exact.
            I can't seem to keep it intact!
            My emotions for you were everything, but now I don't think I can rely on...me.
            So just go wherever the wind sets down the bee.
            Please, just erase my number from your contacts.

Woman:   How long have you been out?
                I bet you drank so much, you forgot this is 1983, but you can keep my heart and I'll take away your pain.
                There's no more time- no time to wait.
                I finally found something to rely on