Written by: Carolyn Dye

                         Click, Clack
              The sound of their chains dragging the floor.
                  My ancestors were bound by their feet and legs.
                      journeying to a foreign land.
Childern and women on one side, Men on the other.
            Brothers can't help their sisters, wives, or mothers they can't help one another.
                      Hush hear that sound low in the distance.
                               Swing low sweet chariot.
They sing a mighty hymn hoping and praying to one day go back home to the motherland.
Together side by side every day and night down in the belly of a ship so long can't remember the last sunrise.
                  Rusting, burning into the flesh but the slaves hang on.
One day They'll break, the slaves will be free because of their faith, and fight.
                                         God will lead them to a better life.
                    Freedom, Freedom that great day when my ancestors broke free of those chains.