A Love Wish Come True

Written by: Dawn Crow

Star light, star bright
the brightest star I see at night.
The wish I made came true with delight,
you came and appeared before my sight.
I knew the moment I first met you,
you'd be with whom I'd fall in love.
You're who I can rely just to,
for you're a gift sent from God above.
Your bit of sense of humor,
is one thing I love in you.
And your care makes more sure that we're,
going to make a great match,too.
Who else could find a better one,
for you're just the one for me.
You're the wish I was wishing upon,
and I thank God how he blessed me.
So I tell no lies and speak no false,
when I say the words, 'I Love You'.
My love's one thing that can't be lost,
for you're a love wish come true.