One Year Frozen

Written by: Derek Chos

The sun takes its dark leave
Leaving night to reign again
The same as it has always done

The sun, I know, will rise again
The same things I knew several years ago
Yet I'm still freezing cold

I can feel you in the wind
Feel you crying from the clouds
Or maybe it's me spitting in the wind
From all the panting crowds

Frozen as you left me
A statue made of ice
That heat can't even chip away

Since you've been gone
Time hasn't just slowed down
It's frozen to a halt

The world's so much colder
Inside this crater I've formed
With edges made of ice and glass

You would simply fly out
And leave me as I was
As the shell you made me into

Time is drawing to a close
If I can't heal here, that's just too bad
My final year with you
I might just be driven mad

But say I survive until the end
And maybe find a cure somewhere
Well then, maybe I could thaw
And learn to love this heated air