Love is not Free

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

A friend recently stated that love is free
Oh no, Oh no, my friend, love it is not free
In fact love is the total opposite to free
It comes at the highest price of all
It takes you and binds your very being
And rips all freedom totally asunder
For love is the total lack of freedom
True love requires tender nurture and care
It requires loyalty beyond reproach
It requires utter truth in all its forms
Utter devotion in times of great turmoil
Loyalty when the rest of the world is against
It requires belief, hope and herculean strength
It requires constantly your very inner core
The sacrificing of self for others wants and needs
An undying tolerance and total empathy
Oh no, Oh no, my friend, love it is not free
If it is deep and real, its chains they bind for life
But in its gaining, it is the ultimate treasure found.