Written by: Gabby Muir

I am here
Look, don’t listen.
Don’t hear the lies.
See the truth.
Peel back the lifeless mask
And see the living flesh-
The flesh of a monster-
Tormented by my own 
Thoughts and actions.
Analyze me.
What can you see?
The dried tack of tears
Running like a river over skin and bone
And disappearing into my shirt collar.
Watch me wipe them away as the mask 
I’m fine, I say,
I’m fine.
Ignore me and peel away
The layers that cloak me
See my scars
Feel them
Can you see the blood?
Reach into my chest
Crack open my rips
Rip my heart in two 
And find my pain,
My anguish.
As the untold secrets
Pour out into your hands,
Search through the cascading filth
And find me.
Now back away.
My mask is gone.
Look, don’t listen.