Dark Dungeons of the Heart

Written by: Yesha Shah

Deep down inside, stirs a residual sorrow Amidst all things bright, the dark part Negativity breeds anxieties of the morrow These are gloomy places in the heart Without rains, where teardrops start! Sore, turn these painful abscesses Tattering confidence by daily wear and tear Depression building in chronic recesses Faith and dignity, a minimum thread bare Finding courage and strength to overcome, is rare. Shattered dreams, a source of trauma Multitude of matters lacking fulfillment Flowing lively stream of joy, paused in a coma Deserting the mind, all thoughts prudent Only the true calling of Love, could make an amendment. All one needs is a soul mate's affirmation of care Shackles of mental bondage to break free To overlook everything that's been unfair Lock and secure the dark dungeons with a single key Wipe off memories, throw the key deep down in the sea! 20/7/2012