Warpath Woman -

Written by: Justin Bordner

I need a woman who can dance on a diamond and who can curse on a candle with equal aplomb,I need a woman that can calm like a bomb,

I want a woman that can sew ginger stiches on a sad man's soul,I need a woman that can sing the sorrow sweet from unexpected defeat,

I need a woman I should trust like the sun,one that will find fun in the mud,carry a ton,laugh when its done,a lady that can rob a mob ,an old mom,

I want a woman that can slap a kid like shes petting a dog,one that speaks to spirits as though she was born in the fog,having eyes that compete,

I need a woman that can raze a nation,shun reservation,and raise the meek and weak to sublimation,a woman that could die with a smile,

I want a woman that can hug,shove & tug me,a fine lady that tells me " despite working for the world you are a king handsome & rude all the while "  -

J.A.B.  2008