why OH why

Written by: Robert Walker

  got work to do 
                                                feel like i have the flu
                            but got to go in anyway
                     cant find my keys 
                                                about to sneeze
                               at home i wish i could stay 

                      the wind is frosty 
                                                    just spilled my coffee

                                this is starting out to be a bad day

                      i cough and it hurts 
                                                      defrost dont work 

                                 and why dont my radio play
  man! i got a flat
                                       and changing it hurt my back

                                                               but at least i can be on my way
                    and now the car wont crank

                                                                  whew ! there's no gas in the tank
                            life is a funny game that we play 

trying not to cuss
                                                  as i  chase down the bus 
when i ran into a kid with a sleigh

                           now i'm late for work 

                                                                 and everything hurts

but i have to act as if everthings ok

                                                                now im really tired

say what! im fired
                                             and i cant even get hazzard pay

well those are the breaks 
                                                    i gotta keep my faith 

    so all i can do now is pray