Opportunity at hand

Written by: Clayton Poole

What do you do in these moments? 
When all avenues, shortcuts and side roads are shut off,
And all that is open is the path ahead. 
Can this road be managed with enough dexterity that no glass houses are shattered to foundations, 
That bridges hold firm and the troubled waters roiling beneath calm under the torpid sky?

There is but one opportunity that is wrought with indecision and hesitation. 
Will the moment be grasped with both hands and brought to bear? 
Within this crystalline gem drop of time all aspects are clear and unclear, murky and transparent. 

A blind man's guess and a fool's jest are held in equal regard, 
Opinions and thoughts are weight and measured, 
Sifting out the pieces that are to be treasured. 
Within that momentary gasp everything stops and it all starts before it all is torn to parts. 
But each part, and piece has its own role to play within this complex system of travelling parades. 

March in time and march in step, 
down the road we'll see how far we get.