My Black Panther

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

You are a beautiful and totally magnificent creature
You haunt my dreams and set my heart pounding
I want to reach out, Oh how I so long to stroke you
Your eyes they gaze and penetrate deep into me
But I know with you, I must always tread carefully
Moving gently towards you, one small step at a time
Untamed and wild you could so easily tear me apart
Yet your sensual hypnotic gaze it draws me forth
I want to walk so very proudly beside you in your world 
I want to understand what sort of existence you lead
What draws you here so silently in the night to me
Yet all is silent and yet shattering as you a small prey indulge
Does it wet your appetite for much larger warmer flesh
Do you want to rip me apart to sate your hungry desires
As your eyes gaze down at me and haunt my very soul
Oh yes you come to me in the dark, the dark deepest night
Come pounce on my bed, be my companion be my friend
Together let us leap and run and roam through your jungle
This night let it be ours, my black sleek panther wild and free