I Waited

Written by: Joy Wellington

I waited on your conscience to come to your rescue
For your veins to come alive with life’s blood flow
I wait for the repair of your heart’s oil pipeline
Broken spilling crude at our relationship’s door

The Bible says “Meekly wait and murmur not” 
But I’ve waited beyond wait can’t stand the weight
Isn’t it time you realize the “Stephen” syndrome is over
This moral self-mutilation is not cutting it anymore 

I’ve waited with anticipation for you to come true
So we could start over with the slate wiped clean 
I held the weight of shame of ridicule and deep pain
But nothing seems to faze you do you even feel

I waited for redemption from loneliness and despair
My heart is saddened you don't even care
I won’t let your sad cold stone crusted heart	
Spoil my chance of having a brand new start