The Law Of Faithful Holiness

Written by: Dawn Crow

Our nation today exists of all rules,
for it's the law which we must abide.
No speeding, stealing, or driving while impaired,
are just a few statutes which once was implied.
Liberty,abundance, and worship defines,
what the word 'law' should be about.
Our nation would be better and all souls would be saved,
and holiness would step in and evil would step out.
Liberty gives me the freedom,
to carry complete faith in my soul.
The holy spirit's within' my faith,
and it's the Lord's power that makes me whole.
The full abundance within' my heart,
carries all the glory and faith I need.
God answers my requests and I give him praise,
for the power of the Lord's fully in me.
I worship the Lord and give unto him,
for he's all of peace and he's the main king.
Those streets made of gold I'll one day soon walk,
and trumpets will be playing while angels will all sing.
It's good that the law oversees for our good,
but the good Lord overlooks for our best.
He commanded 10 rules for us all to obey,
from the day we're all born until the day we're all at rest.