I Don't Like Them But -

Written by: Tim Ryerson

Cats do not need us but know we need them.
Unlike dogs, they can easily live on their own.
Of all the feline species,
the common cat is the most efficient hunter.
They can scale a tree in mere seconds
when fleeing or pursuing in earnest.
People do not adopt cats; cats adopt people.
People are a convenience not a requirement.
Cats don't pay heed to feeling and emotion.
I admire their independence.
The cats' first partners were the Egyptians.
They received occasional food and shelter
in exchange for rodent population control.
Cats will quickly become feral to survive.
Of all mammels only rats have adapted better.
Both will be here after we are gone.

Sometimes I envy cats.
Cats exist totally in the present.
with no future and using the past only as a tool.
They are completely at peace with their world.
Cats are not as intelligent as humans.
A cat's only choice is to be exactly what it is.