Journey To Heaven

Written by: Beatrice Boyle

By the time we get to Heaven
Our work will all be done
No more worry, bills or sickness
Just happy that we've won
But finally reaching paradise
Will be an arduous task
We must be ready for the questions
St Peter will surely ask

Did you follow life's golden rules
Teach your children right from wrong
Did you honor your marriage vows
Amid temptation...were you strong?
In business were you honest
Did you cheat your fellow man
Did envy overtake you
Was greed your lifelong plan?

Did your friends come to you
When trouble came their way
Did you give them love and comfort
Or did you turn away?
Heaven must be earned
Entry can be denied
I pray St Peter will welcome me
On the day that I have died

Copyright©2012 Beatrice Boyle
(All rights reserved)