Finding Love

Written by: Ali Akl

Love is the greatest emotion of them all You're entranced by it once you fall Falling for someone and getting together Commit to them, always and forever Love comes in many forms, at first sight Or maybe on date, dinner outside with stars shining the night Or you feel your world collapsing And realize they're the only column standing Love is bitter, love is sweet Love is a one of a kind treat Love is sometimes all that you need Sometimes you can't find love, no matter the times you plead Why is the latter taking over these days? Why can't love appear without any delays? I tried to find love but i could never find it Is love fiction? An addiction that we need for life to make sense? Helplessly, I do not have an answer This awkward silence is my cancer I've fallen in love many times before But none, so far, were what I was looking for Somedays, it seems much easier to give up and stop whining Some think fate makes love do the finding Some think love matures as you grow till you're in the heavens above Others, like me, just grew tired of finding love