waiting for a SECOND CHANCE

Written by: sashi prabhu

Pristine & white papyrus reams,
No more cradle words of my wanting dreams.

Recalled moments penned have been left at distance behind,
The dog eared papyrus now conceals folded words that spilled out of my mind.

Sad my sorrow dipped nib, that writes these rhymes,
Words flow and my feelings melt and are sublime.

Images of you blur in my mind,
But my love for you is mad and blind.

Agonies brimming ache festoon my heart a whole,
To be with you my, heart’s lone goal.

Yells and shrieks erupt within me and my love it screams,
On its vibrating decibels I try to cradle my dreams.

Nostalgic remembrance
Waiting &Seeking a second chance…………………………