Written by: Alfred Emmanuel Brown

                                      THE SNAKE
The terror of  night;  the  terror of  day,
The longest creature on earth and sea. 
In length, I am fearful  to men, In  braveness, man worship me;
I have no hands non legs, yet I move faster than others.
In the garden,  where I was; man was my friend,
Until Satan borrowed my name;
I gave my name to him without considering  the future.

I am not the  serpent that steal your dominion  non  your enemy.
 I am in  pains as you are;  why do you  fearfully refused to eat my meat?
Only those that knows  my values  embrace my meat.      
In your markets  I am unpopular in demand, 
If you want to use me for shoe, Bags or  social entertainments;
You don’t remember that you once rejected me.
On God of creation, when will  you hear my cry?
The world is against me.  Who will vindicate me?
I need my name back, my honor  restored, my friendship with man back.
I need my legs and hands back, I am created as you are. 
If I have my hands and legs, man will not call me evil.
I am the pride of beauty, my products in your markets  speaks volumes;
In the rock, in the forest, in the cities, in zoos, in your sitting rooms   I am  there.
If you feared me, stop buying  products, stop having me as pet.
I have my pains, you have yours, I never accused man  of me  not having legs or hands,
Yet you blacklist me.
O h my God, come with the wings of healing and heal my hands and legs.
I am one of your creatures , look down upon me and wipe away my tears.
If my legs and hands are kept inside, how can I praise you as others do?
My shining skin, that added beauty to me are your works, 
 Looking  ahead, my future’s beauty reminds  me  of  thy wondrous  works. 
Written by
Pastor Emmanuel Brown Omojevwe