Written by: Alfred Emmanuel Brown

Love, I hate you but you pretend  not seeing me,
Those that love you are like you,
Through you many has paid with their lives.
The rich speak of you yet they kill, destroy and steal;
who really love us or the world we all lived?
I will not love until genuine LOVE comes.
Genuine LOVE created the world but imperfect love;
Created hunger, greed, evil, bombing and terrorism.
I hate those that love you in pretence.
Humanities loves you yet they break each other's heart,
Women, drinks you daily like water; speaks of you than God, yet you break homes.
Souls are waiting for perfect and caring Love that once given freely;
There will be peace if you all love me as it were in the beginning,
I hate you since humanities will not stop using  you to destroy.
Oh LOVE of God when will you return?
Souls are waiting your voice of caring and equality,
when you come, I will love again.
Written by:
Pastor Emmanuel.