Hands of Time

Written by: Richard Palmer

Life is a journey,find your mission,
Get up off that lazy ass you sit on,
The hands of time is ticking away,
Time to get working,unless you get pay to play,
What you are leaving to do tomorrow,
Do it from it can be done today,
Don't idle while your life ticks away,
Every tick a next second has passed,
Your sand is running out,in times' hour-glass,
Where do you want to be in life,upfront or last,
Will you fight try to win at all cost,
Or will you just roll over and die,another life lost,
Tick,tick,tick, life hammer driving a nail in your brain,
Will you rise to fame or will your life be lame,
If you die trying there is no shame ,
The shame is on those,who had no aim,
Don't lie to yourself to yourself be true,
The hands of time won't stop for you....