The Darkness My Reality

Written by: Tracie Edwards

>.< A night of dark desire and timeless agony A night of sorrow and everlasting fear Once pure eyes overnight turn evil My heart freezes as you near So close I feel your breath on my skin The pain and chaos you bring Sucking life from my world Hope from my soul I see you in the shadows Watching silently. The sky i see isn't blue anymore The grass isn't green My world now cloaked in a dark hue Down here in the dark No light to show me guidance No hope to give me ease It come's now, the darkness Suffocating the air Walls creeping closer Blinding screams ring through my head As mercy abandons every thought Fear seeping through my broken soul Inside cries of surreal pain claw my flesh Drowning in my own bitter tears Knowing I am running out of time Bringing with it the promise of eternal nightmares Never waking, forever dreaming, forever screaming.. >.<