Written by: Sidney Hall Mad Poet

Lips that are provocative, irresistible to the kiss
Lips of an ex wife that nag, cuss and hiss
Lips that quiver at the hot tea before they  slurp
Lips of the drunk that proudly burp
Lips, when a girl in a mini bends over, go Ooooh!
Lips that betray you at your wedding by saying  “I do”
Lips that aid that tongue that slips
Lips that express your sadness when they pout
Lips that are bitten eventually shout out
Lips that smile 
Or grimice from the pain of a pile
Red pimply lips from an ex-girlfriend you just seen
As you shout to her boyfriend “Put her down, believe me you don’t want to know where she’s been.”

Thse Mad Poety 
Date: New