You're My Person

Written by: Erin Nash

I won’t ask if you’re okay when I can see that you’re not
I won’t tell you you’re better off without him when your heart has not forgot.

I won’t tell you there’s other fish in the sea
When I know in your eyes he’s all you see.

I won’t say he isn’t worth it, when he gave you countless smiles
I won’t walk away when you’re walking a thousand miles.

I won’t say he’s not worth your tears
when he erased all your fears.

I won’t force you to smile, when I know you need to let go
I won’t encourage a crowd, when you don’t feel like a show.

I won’t turn away when he’s all you talk about
I won’t close my ears when I can see you want to shout.

A good friend doesn’t hear instead they listen
A good friend gives comfort in a time of emotion.
A good friend has compassion and will always stand by you
A good friend understands and will help you get through.