still love

Written by: brih morales

You! you! smiling sweet
on the world, when your heart beats.
whats important, you or me?
or us together, now you see?

on deep grounds, or in the sky
could we be together if we tried?
on what world do they think were in?
telling us our loves a sin.

in what century in what year?
should all these people have this fear?
and when the hearts begin to bleed
becuase all these people say there love is a bad deed

what the apple? what the pear?
do you hear, what i hear?
why does evil come in close
it should be them, picking their dreams 
picking there pose

when these people threw down there dreams
tell them its wrong made them scream
does ther smile bother you?
the fact there the same happy two.

You! You! smiling sweet.
on the world, when your heart beats.
whats important you or me?
or us together now you see?

inspired by tiger tiger