Written by: brih morales

if i had a box
it would be filled with you
i'm in like with you
and you don't got a clue
your smile
your eyes
when you grab her hand
i die
when you tell her things
that i want to hear
i smile like its 
but the pain is here.
do you know i exist?
do you know my name?
if i fall
for you
am i just part of your
you tell every one of your girls
that there amazing.
that there your world
well i guess i will take the risk
and if i regret it later
its just part of the game
so i get the guts and say
hows your day?
next thing i know 
were on a date
my dreams came true
my fantasy
tell me?
can it really be?
your the boy
im your girl
next thing i know
i m
y o u r 
w o r l d
4 months gone
and so are we
and Ive learned my lessons
on fantasy s.