Proud of Me

Written by: Constance Gilmore

As a Cancer, I get quite emotional
I tend to focus on the negative.
But as a Cancer, I am of greatness
There’s so much about me that’s positive.
I have been hurt so many times before
Yet my heart is still capable of love.
I believe in faith, hope, and compassion,
Something sent from Heaven above.
The first in my family to graduate college,
Got my social work license on the first try;
A job, car, home, money in the bank,
Life so great it would make me cry!
I have a beautiful 5-year old daughter
And I take a lot of pride in being a mother.
She’s my absolute best accomplishment
And I cherish her like no other.
Unemployed for a year, bitter at first
But now I’m no longer stressing.
Unplanned time off so I began writing again,
Which I now see as a true blessing.
I love to write because it reaches people;
I want to inspire the world.
My very first book was published TODAY
And makes me one big happy girl!
No job and broke, yet, I still have my home
My car is still here and almost paid off.
My daughter is in good health and so am I
All my bills paid and that’s more than enough.
Just made 30 and things are going right
I have no room to ever complain.
God continues to smile upon me
And there’s so much more for me to gain.