Hook Line and Sinker

Written by: Christopher Flaherty

I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have only just met you
But I am already having the best night of my life
Such tingles my cotton felled heart
And all we have done
Is communicate
Merely talk

And boy have I fallen
Wanted just to listened 
To your every word
Because I am such taken in

You've not only got me
Hook, Line and Sinker
My thoughts are already
5 steps ahead
Where you are undressed on my bed
Fully clothed till your head

And as much as I now want you
It was not your silhouette
That enticed me in
But neither will I choose to lie

That cute was never a factor
I am not that good an actor
Because it is blatantly apparent
1 is strikingly beautiful as a girl
And seldom do these 2 particular disciplines  
Manifest into 1 complete package
Without prior baggage

But when they do
Manage to combine these 2 
No marvel nor neither star lit sky
In search of rockets and hidden pockets
Can resets all the default controls
Set to pierce the center of the sun