We Stood

Written by: Andy Sprouse

She was the incandescence in my soul,
the fire in my eyes
and the warmth in my heart.
I could feel her in the gentle breeze
caressing my cheek.
She was the happiness pouring down upon me
as I stood out in the rain.
We stood, together;
I her rock and she my muse.

One hell of a pair.

She became all that mattered,
all there ever was and would ever be,
more than I could imagine could actually exist.
My purpose showed in her smile,
her joy my goal and reward;
her life shared, a blessing beyond 
even the poets' ability to convey.
We stood, together;
I her devoted and she my love.

A love to outshine the very stars.

Then she disappeared, ran from me,
swept away by the winds of time,
cruel and merciless as they ripped out my life.
Now the fire's burned out, my heart withers, cold;
the memories of happiness
only bruise and lacerate,
and now I don't always stand, out in that rain;
the tears fall down, hidden in the falling water,
as I walk in escape, or kneel in failure.

We stand, apart;
She, yet my love, and I her . . 

A love to make all the sky weep.