Shades of Deja vu

Written by: Jemmy Farmer

The same old questions lie in front of me,
And knowing already there’s no reply,
Just like unanswered phones that always ring,
And living just keeps on its walking by.

Unsaid, the words then hover in thin air,
An empty promise attracting more dust,
Untaken chances, a meaningless dream
All left behind to fade in silent rust.

The dreams that offered a different hope,
And slowly I believed they could be true,
As knowledge shown within a golden light,
The doors opened in shades of deja vu.

I looked to the stars for beauty’s refrain,
And watched as more demons stole it away,
I heard their laughter push blades in my back,
For daring to think life was mine to play.

Form: Sicilian Quatrains