How Far Will I Let You Drag Me

Written by: Derek Chos

Ghosts were whispering into my ear
As I thought of those old days
I can't help but laugh at how stupid this is
At how I'm perfectly content yet crave more

It was like a car crash
I saw it coming
And I swerved to avoid it
Too late

I saw your face in that picture
And the car that is my heart slammed against my ribs
As hard as it could
It hurt

I'm sure she wouldn't like it
If she knew I still craved you
But why do I
When I'm so happy with her?

I could hit myself, I'm being so stupid
And as I look at how I'm building myself
An introvert who shuns the outside
Am I wrong for it?

You certainly looked haunted
But then again, you always did
Always so empty
As if it was my complete calling in life to fill in what was missing

You're making me braver
To the point of stupidity
How bad will I hurt everyone around me and myself
To see just how far I will go?

The distortion is closing in
Filling my eyes, ears and soul
Stinging my throat and burning my breath
Give me one last taste before I lose my senses