Dark Angels

Written by: Eugene Harvey

Where art thou that words
thine mouth should speak
wicked is the heart within
thy hidden corporal beings,

Alas, lost willful adversaries
of mind mired in deception
thou remorseless predators
of immortal form susurrate,

Where art thou dread spirits
unseen yet always present
thy lying breath petitioning
endlessly ever heavenward 
accusers of bended knees,

E’re time cometh ye existed
doomsday’s ire condemned
thy abode didst abandoned
until  blackness of darkness
thine evil presence consumes,

Where art thou dark angels
fraught malefic archenemies
ne’er sired diabolical heritors
deathless sect yet inglorious
once created but ne’er borne,
Death’s intrepid messengers
life’s mythic nemesis unseen
thy fate’s solacement assured
thine irreverent conversations
remiss wilt cease forevermore

© Eugene Harvey