County Fair

Written by: Jane Kostman

He said you know today will be a day we can spare so
We’re going down to the county fair

So I’m happily calling off work just 
Because lately my boss has been a jerk
And I need some fresh air

And I know that hot, hot sun will get to us some
But I am not in a hurry today 
Let’s ride the Ferris wheel, the gravity spinning wheel, 
And we will relax and just chill 

I know we will stroll around the whole fair grounds
Until we have made our way all around 
And that is okay with me

Then I will buy us lunch 
After we have ridden all the rides 
And think it’s enough for a while

I know you are going to try to get me to go on one of those crazy dumb rides
That turns you upside down while taking you for a ride
As your stomach twists and turns in knots,
But today that is one this I cannot do
But I will watch while you do

I know at around 10 pm tonight this county fair will be shutting down
And we will have to go home and wait 
Until the next time they have the county fair in town