better off

Written by: Jane Kostman

You’re always saying that you don’t have anyone
Who really loves or cares for you 
But I know from what I have witnessed that you’re a liar and it’s not true
Because from what I have seen is you always try to act innocent
While you spend your time speaking evil 
Of those around you behind their back
I hope one day you will see 
What you have done to Victoria and me
You may call us all the names you want
But as far as I am concerned
You’re not my mother
And not a part of me
I will never understand how
Someone can become so cold hearted
And why you are against your own flesh and blood
When we have done nothing to deserve it and
I just won’t take your shhhhh… more
I am going to live my life
Knowing I am better then you will ever be
And just for the record I am so glad you never wanted me
I am so much better off without you
In my own family