My Painted World

Written by: olusegun Arowolo

           The day goes dark but not black,
With undefined twilight blinking through the night
        the beacons of hope,ambience of peace
       Gloomy hope with cyan coloured mind
              walking on brown sandy beach
     as ripples of love cover the dark blue sea
        Magenta thrush sings beautiful lyrics
            which makes the violet herons
         to hover round the littoral zone
       As I settle on an amber camp bed
       beside my Orange skinned lover
            She was lost in thought
        as the breeze whistles along
Which makes my affection so strong
    I look at her and her scarlet cap
      and feel like giving her a tap
She makes my world go round and round
      In her,plenty pleasures abound
With these feelings I fell into a trance
    Even if I am not full of exuberance
I `ve seen my world surrounded by green fields with purple hibiscus
The white sun shines with great intensity
Which makes the red rose to bloom in the yellow garden of bliss
                This world I float in  is...
more precious and golden to me than pink diamond.

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