So be it

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

Sometimes we don’t understand what God is doing
Why He is putting us through tests?
But He is accomplishing some things in doing that
Whether helping us get through our barriers, weaknesses
Or helping us get to the next level
He has reasons for taking us there
After we get through then we may see
How He led us through
And what was accomplished
If only we know and realize that God is working on us
Then we may be more obliged
We may be too caught up in our pain
That we do not see 
Nor appreciate what is leveled at us
But God is saying
I am leading You 
Through trials
Through tests
Through travails
What you want is what you will get
But I am getting you equipped
For what you will be facing
As I know ahead and make plans
God what don’t you see?
What won’t you do? 
What won’t you will?
So be it 
God Yours