Story of a Stray - a shadorma sequence

Written by: Kim Merryman

                                                         Just a stray
                                                    Rejected, unloved
                                                          Just a stray
                                             Abandoned, lonely outcast
                                                  Seeking a safe place

                                                        She wanders
                                               House to house, hoping
                                                        Tired, hungry
                                                        Cautious, too
                                          Looking for someone who cares
                                                    Looking for a friend

                                                            Pretty cat
                                                    Lovely tortoiseshell
                                                         Eyes of green
                                                Come kitty, kitty and eat
                                                     Don't you be afraid

                                                          Home at last
                                                    Grateful, yet skittish
                                                           Outside cat
                                                    With an inside family
                                                     Wandering no more


Written about a stray cat that adopted us a few years back.
Still won't let us get too close, but she knows when dinner time is,
and always shows up. She never wanders far from our house.