knowing is half the battle

Written by: Robert Walker

to be or not to be is that really what we want to know
when before us lies such a great lesson.
but who will ever realize what it may bestow 
if we dont start out by asking questions.

you might not find all the answers you seek
but at least you can be on the right track
curiousity is what seperates the strong from the weak
and the unwilling seems to get left back

we tend to cling to our beleifs wheather right or wrong 
continuing to step out on faith
we feel the only way we can carry on
is by doing whatever it may take

 so we try hard to bridge the gap between imagination and revelation
when we think all else is lost.
avoiding all life's greatest temptations 
by knowing you end up paying the cost.

trying eagerly to escape the lies 
for the human mind is so collective 
for if we could take one look at us thru others eyes
we'll see life in a different perspective