The world of the Broken Poet

Written by: Anoucheka Gangabissoon

My world, as rosy as the daisy Revolving around my moods, sweetly Some days are high on creativity Some days lag behind with adversity My battles, the basis of my portrait To win some I put forward my best trait To lose some, I let go of my bait In the end, my world opens to my own gate! Never ephemeral, filled to its depth With sensitivy and pain to its very length Never totally grey, as angels fill my only heath With the comfort I shall seek at the time of death! My world, with its hidden secrets Not to be memorised like the alphabets Yet those remain my valuable assets To be recounted through merry ballets! My world, that of a broken poet Seeking the vision of her love pet Sweet it is at times, through the sunny clime Though misunderstanding remains its prime!
Placed 6th in the contest Paint the World Sponsored by : Tracie the Indigo Dreamweaver