If Only

Written by: denis bruce

Exegi monumentum aere perennius
Were that true,I would be a genius
Like Flaccus who presented us with that trope
Inviting every poet to share that selfsame hope
Of clothing our visions in immortal verse
Which is what our poetry seeks to rehearse.

With words we strive to imitate 
What Raphael in his bright art did delineate
When he transformed his beloved Fornarina
Into that sacred symbol Caeli Regina.
But so pale is our verbal imitation
Beside such delicate delineation.

Bacon with his aphoristic and Attic style
Readers of every age does beguile.
Spare and sharp his words pierce rapierwise
To etch his meanings through our eyes.
His work will always live on
For us he remains a paragon.

Wildean wit is our next port of call
As with earnestness he does us enthrall
And with his epigrams makes us smile
As he toys with words  forever and awhile
His aesthetic makes language both sing and  dance 
Will we ever see his like again perchance?

If only I could marry Raphaelesque immaculate conception
With the penetration  of Baconian perception
To the lightness of Oscar's touch
Then would my poetry be improved much.
So it would be that every generation 
Would consider my efforts truly  Horatian.