Different Connotations

Written by: Robert L. Hinshaw

I reckon you could rightly say that I am from the old school,
But some of the politically correct stuff today, as a general rule,
Leaves me scratching my skull, baffled and so incredulous,
Groping for the proper words as I try to be cautious and sedulous!

When I was growing up many years ago, people were "happy and gay!"
I know I step on sensitive toes but that term would offend some today!
When you were "happy and gay" it meant that you were jolly and elated,
But "gay" has a different connotation today, completely unrelated!

When you "made love" in my day it usually meant you were "necking",
Parked in your old jalopy, music playing, smooching and pecking!
Nowadays, "making love" has a different connotation, but I'll keep it clean!
I shouldn't have to draw a picture - I think you'll figure out what I mean!

Families were disgraced in my day when young Susie was found with child.
She was scorned and sent to "visit Aunt Gladys" out of state, to put it mild!
Seems it's a badge of honor today and is something to be glorified!
Well, whatever, but if it were my kid I would be sorely mortified!

Gossip would run amok when a couple "shacked up" in my old hometown!
Today, "living together" is the politically correct term for settling down!
This was written with lingua in cheek but freedom of tongue guarantees,
That this four score old coot can write anything that he dang well please!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved