laying down my pen

Written by: louis rams


I am laying down my pen and paper
No longer will I write.
I am tired of this battle
No strength no more to fight.

These every day battles are taking its toll on me
Darkness seems to surround me
No light do I see.

I’ve always written about the beauties
That surround us in our lives.
Now all I see is darkness in every corner of the room
Then I feel the emptiness, the heartache “and the gloom”.

How can I write happy thoughts when I am full of pain
Everything is changing , and yet I stay the same.
My pen is getting heavier- the thoughts are cloudy in my mind
I keep telling myself “that I’m doing fine”.

It was once easier to lie to myself -rather than admit defeat
That I am no longer at my fullest peak.
So with sad heart- the flow of ink will stop
For I have reached my climax - I have reached the top.