Marriage and Children

Written by: Robert Ball

Megan carrying child in her arms toward the door,
The man standing in the living room is angry and torn.
Torn between forgiving or let his wife go out of his sight.
Somehow in his mind it wasn’t right.

Forgetting about the argument what made it come out so,
Stop! He said and gently having clamed down; Meg don’t go 
Looking up as Megan was almost to the door handle.
His realization made him tremble and he had to hold on to the 
Fireplace mantle.

Do you even know what we what argued about? Do we even know? 
Let’s learn from this argument and make our love grow.
Let’s just talk about this. 
Somehow, something doesn’t seem right, something is amiss.

The Lord didn’t put us together to break our love so; 
Continuing on; Meg we are forgetting we are blessed by 
God with this child don’t you know.
Acting like children, we mustn’t overlook the love the Lord has given us.
We are blessed by Him and are purified by the love for Jesus.

You love me and I love you, we both know that.
The Lord said be slow to anger, it’s His edicts no matter what.
We married in faith in front of God.
Out of love I’ll say, I’m sorry because I love God and want 
His spiritual nod.

We’ve always loved each other, nothing has changed.
Let’s think calmly and rationally before we do something that makes us ashamed.
We will talk this out and see it through.
Because we know our faith in Jesus and God is the right thing to do.

Our family will see it all through because of our love is strong.
With God as our guide the Holy Spirit will make us truly belong.
Marriage is a bond with two and the eternal God blesses all married couples.
Stay with our Father and all blessings will be doubled.