Time of Sorrows

Written by: Robert Ball

It’s a sad state of affairs when we as humans let innocent elders and children die.
Man knowing only one way killing, terrorizing, as jets drop bombs letting destruction fly.
Spending money on arms not helping starving humans as they await death.
Ashamed is what we all should be as Christians we look and hold our breath.

Look around earthquakes in strange places our western shores being trashed with litter and nuclear waste.
In the Midwest a searing heat wave endangering our crops the corn virtually turning to paste.
In the west fires burning thousands of trees and many thousand acres.
Only waiting for another jolt from the earth and soon a massive Quaker.

Heavenly signs are all about and around “Us” yet we continue to ignore and not look.
It’s all there for “Us” to see yet we ignore the Holy Book.
The heavenly signs the famines, tsunamis, droughts, pandemics people dying paying a horrible price.
Where is our moral obligation to our fellow man? Why can’t man get along and play nice?

The evil one, the master deceiver is really having a good time at man’s expense.
He knows his way is corruption and as we fall short morally, there is no way to recompense.
All God’s creations are made in His image, and the devil leads man into this deadliest of conflicts.
It’s a Spiritual war raging since way before our births, unless we turn to God for help, asking for forgiveness, temptation is too great and we can’t possibly resist.

Where is our moral compass paying for bombs and supporting war?
Millions caught up with their own lives, and leaving humanity with deadly scars.
The “Time of Sorrows” is told in the Holy Bible and what is to happen is from our Father.
He will return with Jesus and be amongst men, as He rounds up His elect few and brings hope and love as He gathers.