Get and give

Written by: Francisco Pepino

Never, never, ever would I imagined,
Meeting someone like you.
Absolutely amazing, outstanding and great.
You are a breath of fresh air, 
Who swept me off my care,
Though I know you cannot be mine,
So I will take all that is due and let the sunshine, 
For so long this was an absence previously.
Thus I will get what only you my man can only give.

Now I kinda feel troubled with my feelings,
But can only dream that our sessions will mature,
For I know my sanity rests in an appropriate future,
Again I must tell myself that he is not yours,
And the core I require is in someone else’s heart,
Then there is a little bit which I get and which he gives.

I so want to end this with him right now,
But I know my life would get back to the drudgery,
And this is the state of mind I cannot be,
So I will rather let him give whatever and whenever, 
I will get it and I will cherish it with all my heart.