In the arms of an angel

Written by: Francisco Pepino

There is no other place to compare

With nostalgia and profusion it bares

A place where I dissolve my thoughts

And a convention of love never bought

When I am with him I forget about time

But still recording every little moment - I’ll be fine

This is the place I call home

In his presence is where I roam

(in the arms of an angel)

There might be days of sadness

There might be weeks of madness

Nothing for my hearts content

But then the thought of him - gives me spirit to defend

Then I see it all and everything disappears

In his presence I have no fears

(in the arms of an angel)

My love for him always stands

Not a list of any demands

I want to plant that what is only good

In his presence as it should

(in the the arms of an angel)

Now that I have turned over every stone

And licked dry every bone

I treasure the magical time we shared, that every days

I promise will never be lost in any ways

My cup overflows – I confess

In his presence was absolutely the best

(in the arms of an angel)